SpaceTime 2020: Third Place

Ching -Wen Hsieh Poster
Beyond Other
Artist (Student Name): 
Ching -Wen Hsieh
Wei-Chung Chang
National Taiwan University of Arts
New Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Artist’s Statement: 
Think beyond is one of the important things in our daily life. We try to think beyond the limit since Prehistoric times. From making fire to inventing various technological products, we brainstorm to make the world better. There is no limit in thinking, but your imagination. When I saw this topic, I wrote down some key words associated with the theme. l chose different kinds of the words and combined those things to make a graphic. The sky is too high to get close without taking an airplane, so I combine the brain with cloud in order to deliver a thought that out brain like cloud which can float in the sky unrestrictedly. However, the cloud just floating in the same level, it has its limitation. Our brain floating in the sky, but we can't stop here and we must pursue higher levels. The bird represents one’s thinking which is trying to think beyond others.
Technical Statement: 
I apply different colors and textures to the "brain cloud," which represents our multiple and creative thinking. I used the gray-purple color in sky which makes it more special.