SpaceTime 2021: First Place

Telling Our Stories
Artist (Student Name): 
Julia Kacur
Miyoung Min
Bergen County Academies
Hackensack NJ, USA
Artist’s Statement: 
For my poster design, I wanted to explore the different types of media that people use to communicate their experiences with others. I included a variety of characters, including a musician, a painter, a filmmaker, and a writer, all of which allude to a creative medium that one might use to tell a story. These characters are spilling out from an open book that the two children are reading, while in the background is a shelf of dozens of books. I wanted my illustration to convey the importance of having a wide variety of voices represented in media, while also alluding to the ways that stories can touch our lives.
Technical Statement: 
I used a variety of tools to create my poster design. I sketched multiple thumbnails using traditional media such as pencils and markers. This helped me get a better idea of the composition and colors I would use in my final design. Then, I finalized the sketch digitally using the Procreate app on my iPad. I used Procreate to finish the illustration, including the lineart, shading, and coloring. The thumbnails I created at the beginning of the process helped me a lot in this stage, since it took away a lot of the guesswork when it came to composition and color. Then, I brought the image into photoshop to make some adjustments to the color and add the text. Finally, I exported the finished image as a JPEG.