SpaceTime 2021: Second Place

Enabling Everyone to Tell Their Stories
Enabling Everyone to Tell Their Stories
Artist (Student Name): 
Hara Choi
Jieun Lee
Asia Pacific International School
Artist’s Statement: 
We all have feelings and stories we want to tell our friends and families. Patients hospitalized due to Covid19 would like to say “I miss you” to their loved ones. An old man at the kiosk would want to ask for help from the clerk. Sometimes we want to help others and say something courageous for them on our social media. As For pet owners, the one thing they want to hear the most from their pets is whether they are sick or not. This is because animals hide their sickness in fear of abandonment. So if my plants can tell me “I’m thirsty” or “the sun is too strong,” I would be delighted. I will water them and pull the curtains down. Advanced technologies and platforms should support all of these. Whether men or women, LGBTQ, educated or not, animals, plants, or from a faraway planet, Everyone should be able to enjoy the amazing benefits of information and communication technology by easily using products and services with an intuitive interface. That is when we will be truly happy.
Technical Statement: 
I always thought it would be nice if we developed high-tech products in a way that would satisfy as many people as possible. So when I heard about the topic, I decided to paint the diverse faces of people laughing because they can freely express their feelings and stories thanks to technology. So I drew as many different people as possible with my favorite acrylic paint. I also painted my favorite retriever, all the plants in my room, and an alien from my imagination. Maybe even aliens from a faraway galaxy will want to communicate with us. After that, I took pictures of the paintings and imported them to Photoshop. Then I composed all of them and inserted the title. In the end, I wanted to create a poster using both analog and digital methods to express a given subject in my way.