SpaceTime 2021: Third Place

people are talking
Artist (Student Name): 
Emi Canlas
Miyoung Min
Bergen County Academies
Hackensack NJ, USA
Artist’s Statement: 
Trying to represent the scope of humanity and the ways that it has found to express itself over the years is challenging. Now with the many cries for social change, I thought that keeping the figures ambiguous would let the viewer decide who they see in the poster. Storytelling should be something that anyone can enjoy or take part in and I felt that filling in the gaps between the two figures with the many ways an individual can share their voice could represent how there is never a shortage of stories or opportunities to tell one and connect and empathize with others.
Technical Statement: 
I chose to keep my design relatively simple with big shapes in hopes that it maintains some sort of impact or that the design remains clear from far away. I think that using the internet is probably one of the most far reaching platforms that someone has in telling their story so some choices like the embellishment on the words and the background subtly represent those ideas. To offset the rigid forms, I tried to bring back an organic quality by having little undulations of color and texture throughout the poster.