SpaceTime 2022: First Place

Yutong Wu - cooperation will win the future
cooperation will win the future
Artist (Student Name): 
Yutong Wu
Edwin Cuenco
No.2 High School of East China Normal University
Shanghai, China
Artist’s Statement: 
I am a high school student who dream of becoming an architect. I began to like art when I was only four , but I never had the opportunity to get professional and systematic training, so I have been self-taught .Most of my paintings were inspired inspired by the traditional culture of Japan and China, religious elements and environmental protection themes. I first came into contact with computer painting when I was 14, and I became the head of the Publicity Department of the school through self-study PS and procreate, and designed posters and souvenirs for various clubs and activities. When creating, I will pay more attention to the meaning and connotation. I also have voluntarily design for many teams for environmental protection and minority cultural protection.These designs were printed on canvas bags, clothes and other items for charity sale and donation. I hope my design can become a strong voice and call on people to pay attention to the earth, the home where we live together.
Technical Statement: 
This poster use Procreate and Canva as tools. All images are processed by myself with copyright free picture as reference. The painting mainly based on Procreate: The background used "Chromatic aberration" after painting. The robot face is processed by Halftone. The luminous effect comes from the"Bloom" . The inspiration of this painting is future technology and cooperation. Robots represent the future and mankind. The circuit diagram represents the development and progress of technology, and can also be understood as the thinking of the human brain. The golden halo represents the passage of time and future , and the flowing lines also show plasticity by shaping. The handshake in the middle is a symbol of cooperation and unity. One dark and one light color represents different skin colors. The surrounding totems are symbols of reunion and peace in Chinese culture. It also shows the theme: only when people unite and cooperate and abandon prejudice can we bring greater scientific and technological progress and shape a better world.