SpaceTime 2022: Second Place

Yimeng  Wang - Let technology connect you, me and his future
Let technology connect you, me and his future
Artist (Student Name): 
Yimeng Wang
Shaobo Li
Fine Arts Academy, Hunan Normal university
Changsha City, China
Artist’s Statement: 
"Author is member of China Society Art Association, member of The Chinese Society of Education, director of Association of Chinese Young Artists, a member of guangxi artists association, a design of Hunan Designers Association member, the French circle arts foundation ""best artist"", the Chinese and Foreign Academy of Design assistant researcher, Ministry of Education and examination center certification of advanced software technology development engineers. The author has participated in many domestic and foreign competitions organized by the Center for international Art Educational Exchange Central Academy of Fine Arts, North Carolina State Government of the United States, The United States of Art, The Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Life and Culture, the British Design Council, the German Industrial Design Committee, and the Messe Architectural Design Association of France, and has won awards and exhibition opportunities.
Technical Statement: 
This artwork is made by Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. The idea comes from the research on Egyptian pyramids and ultra-high-tech Ufos, combined with the current popular scientific discoveries such as quantum mechanics and wormholes. The whole three-dimensional material world is actually full of all kinds of information interaction, and everything is in different information fields. The earth on which we live is actually a huge collection of information, full of mysterious colors of the pyramid, and with its incredible structure and function to transmit information to the universe. As a mysterious planet interacting with ultra-high-tech Ufos, the Earth is weaving a web of information full of endless mysteries. All of this explains a multidimensional universe in which everything is interconnected.