SpaceTime 2022: Third Place

Kimberly Chang - Metamorphosis
Artist (Student Name): 
Kimberly Chang
Joohyun Pyune
New York, USA
Artist’s Statement: 
My artwork, ""Shaping our future and evolving together,"" a conceptual art piece communicating an abstract idea through iconography and symbol. Students from all different countries in the world are united, in peace and harmony, working in collaboration to projects of our future. My artwork focuses on the importance of collaboration and harmony. A world of peace and harmony can bring a peaceful and stable order to society, and they are a necessary condition for the survival and development of mankind. Globalization is changing the future landscape of the world at an unprecedented rate. The technological advancement is leading us to a very complex world surrounded by challenges of disputes, conflicts, and wars. This artwork takes pulse as the transformation of being takes place, capturing a moment of profound change.
Technical Statement: 
In my piece, the three teens work together to evolve their future plans. Using digital platforms, I drew the three teens thinking of an invention for the future, in which they come up with an AI dove that emerges from their plan. The dove represents peace, illustrating how the collaboration of everyone’s ideas and talents brings harmony to the universe. To portray my thought process in my piece, I first sketched the outline of the three people in the art and the robotic bird. I next drew the globe and merged it into the globe. I used the blend mode to add texture to the background using the main colors used with the three people. I again used the blend mode to create the clouds and orange light coming through the clouds. I created the glow from the globe through the Luminance feature. Following, I colored in the people using the paintbrush using a variety of brush sizes and blended different shades of coloring to create a three-dimensional depth to the characters. I added expression to the characters through using different eye shapes and directional view of their eyes. I used the white outline emerging above the characters’ heads to create the main components of subjects in which the characters are focusing on in their thoughts for the future.