SpaceTime Gallery 2015

First Place Winner Lindsey Foy

The International 2015 SpaceTime competition for students was announced matching this year's conference theme: "Xroads of Discovery."

The Winners:

  • First Place: Lindsey Foy
  • Second Place: Pei-hsuan-Lin
  • Third Place: Marko Caldwell

The accepted works will be presented as a website at the Education Booth during the SIGGRAPH 2015 conference, and can also be viewed here.

About SpaceTime 2015

The deadline for entries was May 15th. The jurors scored the international entries without getting information about the entering students. The Jurors (chaired by Anna Ursyn, who was not voting), were:

  • Anna Chupa, Associate Professor, Department of Art Architecture and Design, Lehigh University, PA, USA
  • Prof. Chiara Passa, media artist & lecturer at Fine Art Academy of Rome, Italy
  • Dena Elisabeth Eber, Professor, Digital Arts, Bowling Green State University, OH, USA
  • John Antoine Labadie, Professor of Digital Arts & Media Integration Studies, Art Department, University of North Carolina Pembroke, NC, USA
  • James Faure Walker retired Reader, University of the Arts, London, Great Britain
  • Gabriele Peters, Media Artist & Professor of Human-Computer Interaction, University of Hagen, Germany
  • Jing Zhou, Associate Professor, Monmouth University, New Jersey, USA

The three winners will be offered a free conference access and will be invited to the Educators' Meet and Greet on Monday and Tuesday at the conference. They will be offered special diplomas.

Accepted works will be presented as a website at the Education Booth during the conference. A gallery will be built for this exhibition and posted at the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee’s website for permanent display during and after the conference.

We invited students from all over the planet. We advertised widely, and used various means of communication. The scoring system has been researched, and improved. We expanded our lists. We plan to continue with this important venue for the students worldwide with the 2016 theme, and encourage exploration of technological tools. We plan to advertise early, so students have enough time to develop challenging projects, and to alert more teachers and parents about this opportunity. The SPACE-Time Competition brings the following aspects to the conference:

  1. Provides a springboard for further technical and artistic efforts. It encourages students to challenge themselves, and become active. Students are invited despite of their major. This means students studying any direction related to technology have a chance to experience this challenge. This expands the role of an artist, and encourages art majors to take technological challenges seriously, and technically inclined students to expand their interests toward visual solutions.
  2. Provides service to some part of the SIGGRAPH technical community, and promotes SIGGRAPH and the conference among young specialists.
  3. Broadens participation geographically, and among under-represented members of the SIGGRAPH community.