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Graphics Codec

256x218, 15fps, 15KBps

General Information
The Graphics codec uses an 8-bit compression approach very much like animated GIFs. It provides higher compression ratios than the Animation codec at the expense of slower decompression time.
Architectures Supported
Pros, Cons & Tips
  • The Graphics codec typically generates a compressed image that is a little less than one half of the size of the same image compressed by the Animation codec.
  • It is also good for use with video captured at 16 or 24 bits and dithered down to 8 bits.

  • Not well suited to video.
  • The Graphics codec can decompress a given image at only half the speed of the Animation codec.

  • Movies compressed with the Graphics codec typically look much better with a custom palette. The easiest way to do this is to turn on "Create Custom Palette" while compressing in Media Cleaner Pro 2.0.

Ideal source material Hand- or computer-generated graphics with large areas of flat color
Supported bit depths 8-bit color/grayscale
Compression time Asymmetrical (approx. 16:1)
Temporal compression? Yes
Special features Supports Media Cleaner Pro 2.0's advanced data rate limiting
Encoder requirements Any MacOS or Windows
Decoder requirements Any MacOS or Windows
Encoder availability Built into QT
Decoder availability Built into QT
Manufacturer Apple

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