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The In Good Company series features speakers from various organizations having conversations or giving presentations (not sales pitches) with and specifically for educators

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In Good Company: Chat with Patrick Pennefather, University of British Columbia, Vancouver (October 2023)

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The SIGGRAPH Education Committee presents an interview with Dr. Patrick Pennefather, Assistant Professor of Design and Production at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Dr. Pennefather is also the Faculty in Residence at the university’s award-winning Emerging Media Lab.

In Good Company: NVIDIA Omniverse with Ashley Goldstein (August 2023)

The SIGGRAPH Education Committee presents an interview with Senior Engineer at NVIDIA Omniverse, Ashley Goldstein.

In this video, resources for instructors included:

The NVIDIA Omniverse Forum:
The NVIDIA Omniverse Discord:

In Good Company: Noitom (December 2022)

In Good Company: Noitom

The SIGGRAPH Education Committee presents an interview with Hope LaVelle - Noitom's Los Angeles Studio Manager, and Daniel Cuadra - Noitom's Head of Support. Noitom Studios offers Inertial and Hybrid Motion Capture.

In Good Company: Ed Angel (February 2023)

IGC - Ed Angel

The ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee presents In Good Company: an interview with Dr. Edward Angel. Ed is Professor Emeritus in Computer Science at the University of New Mexico (UNM) and the founding Director of the Art, Research, Technology, and Science Laboratory at UNM.

In Good Company: Barbara Mones (August 2021)

ICG: Barbara Mones

The SIGGRAPH Education Committee is excited to announce the expansion of their educator focused In Good Company offerings. In Good company began as an in-person event during the annual SIGGRAPH conference and featured speakers from various organizations giving presentations (not sales pitches) directed toward educators and included classroom use of specialized software, tips, tutorials, and use cases.

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