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Animation Codec

General Information
The Animation codec is best suited for two-dimensional animation and computer-generated video content. It is lossy at quality settings from1%-99%, and lossless at 100%. Animation at 100% is generally used as a "storage" or intermediate work format.

Architectures Supported
Pros, Cons & Tips
  • This codec is great for sequences of screen images, such as those captured by utilities such as CameraMan and Spectator.
  • Since it is lossless, Animation at 100% will not introduce any noise into the video signal, which is why it is sometimes used instead of JPEG.
  • The Animation codec works with all bit depths.
  • It is slightly slower than the None codec, but usually produces smaller files.

  • At 100% quality, files compressed with the Animation codec may be quite large.
  • Images captured from videotape generally have visual noise which can corrupt the inherent similarity of the pixels and make it more difficult for the codec to achieve good compression.

  • The Animation codec's performance and compression ratios are highly dependent on the images being compressed. The codec is very sensitive to picture changes and generally works best on images that have been generated synthetically.
  • The new G3 Macintoshes can play video which has been losslessly compressed with this codec. This could be useful for previews of intermediate stages.

Ideal source material Hand- or computer-generated graphics with large areas of flat color
Supported bit depths All
Compression time Somewhat asymmetrical (approx. 3:1)
Temporal compression? Yes
Special features Lossless at 100%, supports Media Cleaner Pro 2.0's advanced data rate limiting
Encoder requirements Any MacOS or Windows
Decoder requirements Any MacOS or Windows
Encoder availability Built into QT
Decoder availability Built into QT
Manufacturer Apple

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