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In-Depth Articles

Codec Central will be presenting an informational group of in-depth articles relating to multimedia technology. Be sure to check back as we will be adding more articles soon.

Terran Articles

Making Multimedia Movies

This is a guide to understanding the desktop video production cycle and the roles of various software and hardware. A great place to begin reading.

Optimizing Video for CD-ROM

This article examines the factors that affect digital video quality, and discusses techniques to achieve optimal results.

Video Technologies in Use by Consumer CD-ROM Titles

There are many technologies to choose from when producing video for a CD-ROM title. Each has unique strengths and weaknesses, and there is no one choice which is right for every application. This survey examines the choices which have been made for the existing selection of CD-ROM titles.

Terran's Tips & Info Section

Includes guides for beginners, tips on using MoviePlayer, suggestions on optimizing video capture, and more.

Other Articles

Streamlining Cross Platform Multimedia Development

Rodney Tamblyn discusses the entire multimedia development process with attention to optimal results for each type of media (video, text, graphics, audio, etc.). Includes many useful references.

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