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DV Cameras

General Information
Cameras are the latest part of the video production process to go digital. The new DV (Digital Video) cameras provide two major advantages over conventional analog cameras, as shown below.
  1. Image quality: by storing the video in a digital format instead of analog, it is possible to attain excellent image quality on moderately priced gear. Furthermore, as a digital signal, it does not degrade with time, or suffer generation loss.
  2. Video capture: The video is digitized as it's being filmed, and is stored as files on a tape in the camera. Video "capture" simply involves transferring those files to the computer. There is no additional digitizing to be done.
The DV codec is different from most of the codecs described on Codec Central, in that it is not intended for multimedia output. Instead, it is used in two primary ways:
  1. For storing original footage, and transferring it to the computer
  2. For storing final edited footage, for playback to a television
Architectures Supported

Ideal source material NTSC or PAL - format video
Temporal compression? no
Decoder requirements Generally requires dedicated hardware for playback
Encoder availability Hardware built into DV cameras and DV editing cards; software support via QuickTime 3.
Decoder availability Hardware built into DV cameras and DV editing cards; software support via QuickTime 3.
Algorithm Based on Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT); JPEG-like
Manufacturer Cameras: most video camera manufacturers.
Cards: Radius, Miro, many others Software codecs: Apple

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