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escape videostudio codec

Sarah McLachlan's "Building a Mystery"
Copyright Nettwerk Records/Arista
Eidos Escape Codec, 295K/sec, 24 fps

For optimal playback, set your monitor to "Thousands of colors"
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General Information
escape videostudio is a new codec from Eidos Technologies, available for QuickTime, Video for Windows, DirectShow (ActiveMovie), and Eidos's own proprietary architecture. It provides high quality video and encodes very quickly.

escape is an alternative to MPEG for cross-platform CD-ROM (or DVD-ROM) video productions. The data rates it produces are higher than MPEG, so it is best suited to 4x and higher CDs. escape has somewhat lower playback requirements than MPEG (100MHz+ Pentiums or PowerMacs for 320x240x15 fps movies), but escape works cross-platform within standard playback architectures, and therefore avoids some of the MPEG playback issues.
Architectures Supported
Pros, Cons & Tips
  • Excellent image quality, even on high-motion material.
  • Good match for 4x and higher CD-ROMs; DVD-ROMs; also kiosks.
  • Includes Director Xtra: enables full-screen playback regardless of monitor resolution, and allows for interpolated playback on high-end Pentiums.
  • Fast compression.
  • Available for QuickTime, Video for Windows, DirectShow (ActiveMovie), and Eidos's proprietary architecture.

  • Data rates too high for 2X CD-ROMs.
  • No explicit data rate limiting - users should check for spikes prior to distribution (see tips below).
  • Screen must be set at "thousands of colors" for playback.

  • Data rates are partially controlled via the spatial quality slider. Keep in mind that the rate may fluctuate widely; it is advised to check your results with a tool like Spike or MovieAnalyzer.
  • The best results are generally achieved by setting the spatial and temporal quality sliders to the same value.
  • When an Escape compressed movie is doubled on the screen, every other horizontal line is replaced with a black line. Many people like this effect; it prevents blocky artifacts, and allows for faster playback. Others may find this effect objectionable.
  • Video doesn't "clip" properly. This means that it may draw on top of things that it should be behind. You may have experienced this when this page loaded.

Note: The Windows version only creates AVI files; the Mac version only creates QuickTime files.

Ideal source material Video
Supported bit depths 16-bit color
Compression time Much faster than Cinepak
Temporal compression? Yes
Special features Black-lined doubling
Encoder requirements Pentium or PowerMac
Decoder requirements Pentium or PowerMac
Encoder availability Pro version available through Terran
Evaluation copy available from Eidos:
- PC version
- Mac version
Decoder availability Freely distributable:
Mac Version
PC Version
Manufacturer Eidos Technologies

If you have any comments or questions about escape, please contact us at

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