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General Information
H.263 is a standard video-conferencing codec. As such, it is optimized for low data rates and relatively low motion.

H.263 is an advancement of the H.261 standard, mainly It was used as a starting point for the development of MPEG (which is optimized for higher datarates.)
Architectures Supported
Pros, Cons & Tips
  • H.263 is optimized for low data rates.
  • Generally better quality than H.261

  • H.263 is CPU intensive, so data rates higher than 50 KBps may bog down most machines.
  • It may not play well on lower-end machines.

  • H.263 has a strong temporal compression component, and works best on movies in which there is little change between frames.

Ideal source material Low-motion video
Supported bit depths 16-bit color
Compression time Symmetrical, realtime
Temporal compression? Yes
Special features -
Encoder requirements Any MacOS or Windows
Decoder requirements PowerMac or Pentium
Encoder availability Built into QuickTime 3
Decoder availability Built into QuickTime 3
Algorithm Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) with Motion Compensation
based on H.261
Manufacturer Many, including Apple, Microsoft, Vivo

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