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General Information
MPEG-4 is a standard currently under development for the delivery of interactive multimedia across networks. As such, it is more than a single codec, and will include specifications for audio, video, and interactivity.

The video component of MPEG-4 is very similiar to H.263. It is optimized for delivery of video at Internet data rates. One implementation of MPEG-4 video is included in Microsoft's NetShow.

The rest of the MPEG-4 standard is still being designed. It was recently announced that QuickTime's file format will be used as a starting point.

Pros, Cons & Tips
  • Good image quality at low datarates

  • Standard is still being designed

Ideal source material low-motion video
Compression time moderate
Temporal compression? Yes
Special features -
Encoder availability video encoder included in NetShow 3.0
Decoder availability video decoder included in NetShow 3.0
Algorithm Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) with Motion Prediction
based on H.263
Manufacturer Will be an open standard

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