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formerly known as "TrueMotion-S"

General Information

Power!Video is a commercial codec based on Duck's TrueMotion. Previously named TrueMotion-S, it is a spatial-only compressor that works well for 4x and higher CD-ROMs, DVD-ROM, and kiosks. The status of Power!Video is unclear at this time, as it is no longer offered by Horizons Technology.
Architectures Supported
Pros, Cons & Tips
  • Power!Video works well for 4x and higher CD-ROMs and DVD-ROM disks.
  • Especially good at high-motion material, since every frame is a keyframe.
  • It also works well for kiosks that play video from hard drives.

  • Status of the product is not clear at this time. Horizons Technology was recently acquired by Titan Corporation, and there is no longer any mention of Power!Video on Horizons' web page.
  • The QuickTime version is not compatible with QuickTime 3 for Windows
  • Since Power!Video doesn't support temporal compression, it often doesn't produce as good results as Cinepak at 2x and lower CD-ROM speeds.
  • Windows codec only supported in 16-bit applications (for example, MacroMedia Director 4, but not Director 5).

  • When a Power!Video compressed movie is doubled on the screen, every other horizontal line is replaced with a black line. Some people like this effect, and it does allow for faster playback. Others find this effect objectionable.
  • Due to some issues surrounding Power!Video's implementation of the "Options" button, you cannot set the Power!Video specific features in Media Cleaner. This may limit usability in batch processing.

Ideal source material Video
Supported bit depths 16 bit color
Compression time Faster than Cinepak
Temporal compression? No
Special features Black-lined doubling
Encoder requirements Any MacOS or Windows
Decoder requirements Any MacOS or Windows
Encoder availability Unclear at this time; possibly no longer available
Decoder availability Freely distributable
Manufacturer Unclear at this time; possibly no longer available

If you have any comments or tips & tricks to share about Power!Video, please contact us at

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