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PureVoice Codec

Qualcomm PureVoice
8 kHz, mono, 16 bits, 1.7 KB/sec

General Information
Qualcomm makes communications products ranging from cellular phones to the popular Eudora email program, and most recently a QuickTime codec. PureVoice compresses voice data very efficiently, meeting or exceeding telephone land-line quality at approximately 1 kilobyte per second.

Architectures Supported
Pros, Cons & Tips
  • Extremely low datarates allow speech to stream over a 14.4 modem

  • Does not accurately reproduce sounds other than voice (music, sound effects, etc.)

  • To obtain good compressed audio with PureVoice, it is extremely helpful to begin with very clean source material. Background noise and hiss tend to distort the entire signal during compression.

Special Options
  • There are two formats for PureVoice. PureVoice Full is generally best if you're making an audio-only file, or a file with a total data rate of 5+ KBytes/sec (40+ Kbits/sec). PureVoice Half is most useful when making movies which also include video at low data rates.

Ideal source material Voice at 8khz
Compression Ratio / Datarates 6.2 or 13.3 kbits/sec
(0.8 or 1.7 kbytes/sec)
Compression time Realtime
Encoder requirements Any Mac or PC
Decoder requirements PowerMac or Pentium
Encoder availability Included with QuickTime 3
Decoder availability Included with QuickTime 3
Manufacturer Qualcomm

If you have any comments or tips & tricks to share about the PureVoice codec, please contact us at

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