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RealVideo (Standard)

General Information
RealMedia currently has only two video codecs: RealVideo (Standard) and RealVideo (Fractal). Please bear in mind that this page only compares the one to the other.
Architectures Supported
Pros, Cons & Tips
  • RealVideo (Standard) is usually best for data rates below 3 KBps.
  • It works better with relatively static material than it does with higher action content.
  • It usually encodes faster.

  • RealVideo (Standard) is significantly more CPU intensive than the RealVideo (Fractal) codec.
  • It usually requires a very fast PowerMac or Pentium for optimal playback.

Ideal source material Low-motion video, below 3KBps
Supported bit depths 32-bit color
Compression time Asymmetrical
Temporal compression? Yes
Special features -
Encoder requirements PowerMac, Pentium
Decoder requirements PowerMac, Pentium
Encoder availability Part of RealVideo Encoder kit (included with Media Cleaner Pro)
Decoder availability Built into RealPlayer installer
Manufacturer Progressive Networks

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